Postmaster hits out at Royal Mail

A postmaster in Milton of Campsie is hitting out at Royal Mail for refusing to remove one of their own mailboxes which is no longer in use.
The old  post boxThe old  post box
The old post box

Gordon Robertson, who runs the post office at Antermony Road has been told by the company that he will have to pay for its removal himself.

The irate postmaster told the Herald: “Royal Mail put up a new post box across the road from the store in July last year.

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“They sealed the old post box which is embedded into the wall of the shop and told me they would come to take it away and fix the window in my shop afterwards.

“It’s really unsightly. As late as November they said they would take it away. Then I got a letter telling me they won’t pay – and that I have to do it myself.’’

Mr Robertson said he is keen to carry out work to upgrade the front of his store which had proved difficult when the post box was in 
operation. But he added: “Why should I have to pay to remove one of their old boxes?”

In the letter dated to Mr Robertson, dated November 21, Royal Mail’s area collection manager said: “I have been advised that unfortunately Royal Mail would not pay for the removal of the box. As the box is now out of commission, we can though, authorise you to arrange for its removal and disposal, and please accept this letter as confirmation you have authority to do this. I trust this will allow you to progress with your intended works.”

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Royal Mail spokesperson, Morag Turnbull told the Herald on Friday: “Royal Mail installed a replacement postbox near Milton of Campsie Post Office as the original posting facility was in a poor state of repair and to allow customers to post mail. The local Post Office requested a letter giving them authorisation from Royal Mail to remove the box themselves. This was sent to Mr Robertson in November.”

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