Putting Kilsyth in the picture

A PICTURE can say a thousand words, and a Kilsyth woman knows that more than most.

Kirstine Hughes has set up a community Facebook page for residents of Kilsyth to enjoy which hosts pictures from the past and present.

The keen photographer has been inundated with comments and likes to the page which she hopes will rekindle memories for local residents.

Kirstine explained: “When clearing through my office to prepare for a new job, I discovered a disk of photographs that I hadn’t seen before.

“When I checked it out, I found hundreds of old photographs of Kilsyth and surrounding areas.

“Being a keen photographer myself, and having lived in Kilsyth my whole life, I had a strong interest in this discovery.

“I felt that there would be others in Kilsyth who would share my interest, and enjoy reliving some lost memories but I had no idea how many.”

Kirstine set up the community Facebook page - www.facebook.com/KilsythPhotos to share her passion for photography and the town’s past.

She said: “I decided to set up a community Facebook page with the hope that others might like to see these great images of the past, and share their own.

“Within a few hours, there was a constant stream of new ‘likes’ and comments on the page and within a few days there were over 500 people following.

“In just over a week, the numbers have grown to over a 1000.

“I have been overwhelmed by the following, and touched by a lot of the comments where people have been rekindling fond memories of people and places from their past.

“I love my hometown. It has many beautiful areas, and is a town steeped in history so it is good to be reminded of this.

“I would like to invite anyone from the area, or who has roots or family in the town to visit the Kilsyth In photos page, have a look and share their own images or videos.”

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