Robert Owen’s kin from USA back new town

SUPPORT for building a whole new town in the Clydesdale countryside has come from across the Atlantic – and across the generations.
Bob + OwensBob + Owens
Bob + Owens

It is little wonder that two very special American guests in New Lanark last week hailed the idea of creating Owenstown in the Douglas Valley.

After all, should the 8000-population, eco-friendly community the size of Lanark become a reality, it will be named after one of their direct ancestors, New Lanark pioneer Robert Owen.

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The mother and son guests, Caroline Dale “Docey” Lewis and Owen Lewis, hail from from New Harmony, Indiana, USA, where Owen set up another ‘model’ community after establishing New Lanark as the first humane industrial workplace.

For more on this, see the Carluke and Lanark Gazette.

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