Royal appointmentfor group members

TWO members of the Condorrat Tenants and Residents Association have been invited to the Royal Garden Party in Edinburgh.

John Reid (72) and Gordon Lindsay (69) have been invited by Royal appointment to join the Queen and other distinguished guests at Hollyrood House in Edinburgh on Tuesday, July 5.

The two men will attend the royal event with their wives in recognition for their work with the Condorrat association on community based projects, such as the soon to be unveiled memorial wall, and many fundraising events throughout Condorrat.

Gordon said: “I’m delighted to be invited. I got the letter through the post on Monday with the Royal stamp and everything. It was lovely.

“The community have been fantastic in their response to us whenever we work on a project. They really go out their way to help, so I thank them.”

John Reid, a retired policeman, said he was shocked when he got the letter through his post box.

“When you’re an ex-cop, a letter with the Royal seal on it doesn’t exactly put you at ease!” said John.

“However, I was very happy when I opened it. It’s nice to get recognition for the work that the group does. We all work as a group so this invite is really for all of us.”

John Burke, vice chairman of the CTRA said: “It’s a great wee piece of news for the guys. It’s fantastic to have the work of the group recognised.”

The latest project from the CTRA is a memorial wall, set to be unveiled outside Condorrat Library on Saturday, June 11.

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