Shuttle bus boost at Cumbernauld's Open Doors Day

The countdown to Open Doors Day at the September Weekend is well underway and the event has been given an unexpected boost.

Because Cumbernauld-based bus giant Stagecoach has committed itself to running a free shuttle bus around the various different attractions in Cumbernauld.

Hard-working volunteers who are putting the finishing touches to the weekend’s programme had already been dealing with the bus firm as its depot is among the chosen locations

As negotiations continued Stagecoach decided it wanted to make even more of a contribution by tasking its drivers to pick up visitors to the event.

We can now confirm that the buses will leave the Southbound bus stop at Cumbernauld Centre on the hour from 11am to 4pm, barring 1pm.

This will apply on both Saturday and Sunday.

On both days, the route will take in Cumbernauld fire station, Broadwood, the new Muirfield Centre and Sacred Heart parish church in Kildrum before returning to the original stop.

The programme will differ slightly on the following day

For there will be two stops at the Stagecoach depot on the Sunday and vintage vehicle buffs will be delighted to learn that some old buses will be on show.

Adam Smith who is organising the event said: “We are extremely grateful to Stagecoach for making this possible.”

Readers should note that the stop at the Muifield Centre will also incorporate an exhibition about Cumbernauld on Saturday only .

This is the heavily publicised exhibition where organisers want old photographs showcasing life in Cumbernauld for an archive.

Members of the public are being asked to bring these along - and they will be returned immediately after a digitalised image of the print has been taken.

The exhibition runs from 12 noon to 4pm.

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