Sikh ‘Elvis’ dies after battle with cancer

A well-known member of the Sikh community, Waliti Singh Dilber, has died at the age of 64 after losing his fight with stomach cancer on April 25.

He was a well respected and renowned throughout the whole of Scotland and England for his vocal talents.

He also had a keen interest in religious activities and wrote many poems and songs. He was also well-known to many for his comedic sayings, jokes and humorous personality

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He was born in Ambala, India, and came to Glasgow at the age of five and stayed in Gorbals, where he quickly adjusted to the Glaswegian lifestyle.

He then moved to Pollokshields in 1976, where he got married to Shamsher kaur and this is where he befriended many individuals from all different ages and backgrounds, and dazzled people with his charisma and voice.

He soon earned the title of “Elvis of Scotland” due to his popularity, flamboyant dress sense and vocal ability.

He was also known as “Dilber” which translated in Punjabi means keeping the heart happy. Waliti started singing at the age of 18 and sang at numerous local and national events, including charity shows, melas, multi-cultural functions, religious ceremonies and countless radio performances.

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After being diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2014, Waliti battled on with this degenerating disease with the help and support of family, doctors Macmillan hospice and the Beatson cancer clinic.

His daughter Satveer kaur said: “It feels like I’ve lost my best friend, but my dad never gave up hope and believing in his faith, so neither will I”.

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