Solution promised forcentre’s pothole blight

King-size potholes on the way into Lenzie’s Millerneuk shopping centre are costing traders a fortune – but a full solution could finally be on the way.


That was the message this week from centre owner Rahul Randev, who says that together with key partner the Co-op he and other traders aim to bring the badly-rutted roadway up to scratch.

Patchwork repairs carried out from time to time have failed to make any difference to a problem that just continues to get worse, according to resident Martha Mcleod, who lives nearby.

She said: “The road into the centre is so bad I saw a car having to be towed out of a pothole – it’s about time something was done to fix it once and for all.

“I spoke to about a dozen shoppers over coffee there and we all agreed things are becoming impossible for drivers.”

She added: “They’ve carried out repairs of a sort before, but it’s just been very basic filling in – it’s soon back to being as bad as ever.”

And she fears that with the onset of winter – when road surfaces are under extra pressure – the surface will deteriorate further.

Other traders she reckons could be hit by the road problem include Sam’s Chinese restaurant and a new Indian restaurant.

Mr Randev agrees there’s a signifiant problem, and says he’s determined to resolve it through a comprehensive resurfacing plan.

He said: “It is going to cost about £60,000, and will include surfacing of walkways and planting features too.”

He wasn’t able to give a precise start time for the work, given the full details have still to be approved and agreed, but stresses he wants to progress the scheme as soon as practically possible.

“The Co-op are supportive, because they are losing custom too,” he said, “and when the plan is finalised we will have a full solution to the problem.”

Martha Mcleod said: “This has been ongoing for years, and if anything it has been getting worse lately.”