Sounds good for African orphans

Stamperland singing group Sounds International are hoping their voices carry from Eastwood Park next month - all the way to Tanzania.

The southside singers have signed up to host a charity concert on behalf of Scottish Friends of Children Concern Foundation — an organisation set up by Giffnock woman Phyllis Hutchison, to support an empoverished orphanage across the world.

Phyllis featured in The Extra back in February, having raised £5,000 for the 36 orphans of the Children Concern Foundation — which she and partner David Devlin stumbled upon by chance on holiday, on the road to the Serengeti.

She told The Extra: “The orphanage gets no government funding — they depend on safari trips stopping. Whatever money I had on me that day, I just gave them it, then I decided to do something more.”

The Scottish branch is affiliated with an original charity set up by two American women who came across the orphanage in the same way.

There have been a number of fundraising drives since, but SFCCF are particularly excited about the May 6 concert, which member Iain Mulholland calls “an opportunity to allow us to fundraise a fairly substantial amount for the orphanage and make a real difference.

“We are so grateful to Eddie Binnie, Sounds International’s music director, who after meeting with us was keen to help out.”

As for the show, the choir has 11 years of experience under its belt — and promises a wide repertoire, from musicals to rock, gospel, world music and ballads.

Musical director Eddie commented: “We are really happy to help SFCCF. It’s a great thing to be able to do something we enjoy so much and make a difference while doing it.

“After speaking to Phyllis about what she was hoping to achieve I was quite excited about the concert and have written two new songs, It Just Takes Love and With You Beside Me.

“We are also pleased to confirm that we have a solo performance from Richard Schofield on saxophone.”

The charity concert takes place at Eastwood Park on Tuesday, May 6, 7.30pm. Tickets are £10, available on 577 4956 or