South Lanarkshire votes No in independence referendum

Better Together...No Campaign leader Alistair DarlingBetter Together...No Campaign leader Alistair Darling
Better Together...No Campaign leader Alistair Darling
SOUTH Lanarkshire has voted to remain part of the United Kingdom in the historic Scottish independence referendum.

Almost 122,000 voters voted No with nearly 101,000 people declaring their support for the Yes campaign; the turnout was a whopping 85.3 per cent.

A delighted Lesmahagow MP Michael McCann, of Better Together, said: “I’m absolutely delighted; we have worked incredibly hard for this.

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“Both sides agreed a simple majority was required and everyone has to recognise the result regardless of the way they voted.

“We all have to work together for a prosperous Scotland within the United Kingdom.”

Labour’s South of Scotland MP Claudia Beamish added: “This is brilliant news for the people of Scotland. It has been proven that we are able to have a British identity as well as a Scottish one.”

The joyous nature of the Better Together team was in stark contrast to the Yes campaign activists.

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Carluke councillor Pat Lee believes that people in South Lanarkshire have committed “financial suicide” as Scotland decided to remain in the Union.

Councillor Lee continued: “There is £1.4 trillion worth of debt being voted for by Westminster with further cuts of £25 billion being voted in next year.

“It might seem like sour grapes but I feel that the people have made a massive mistake.”

Fellow SNP Clydesdale Councillor David Shearer was also disappointed but hopes that both sides can work together to heal a divided country.

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“I’m disappointed,” said Councillor Shearer. “I fear for what this will mean for Scotland in the years to come; there will be painful years.

“I hope both sides can put this behind them to come together of the country.”