Storm lands her dream job with STV Glasgow

STV Glasgow’s new weather presenter Storm Huntley reckons she had the best job in the city this summer.

The 27-year-old former Bishopbriggs High School pupil joined the recently launched television station’s flagship Riverside Show as the sun blazed down on the Commonwealth Games.

Just a week or so earlier, Storm had also been in the warm climes of Jamaica as one of her first assignments.

She told the Kirkintilloch Herald: “I wish I had been personally responsible for the sun in Glasgow! It has been a great time to be a weather presenter.”

Storm is over the moon to be part of the new channel for the city:

She said; “I’m absolutely loving the experience of helping to set up this new channel which I think is a great boost for the city.”

Her assignment to Jamaica was part of the station’s Commonwealth Games coverage.

Storm, from Bishopbriggs, said: “The aim was to find a connection with Glasgow – and we did.”

“We found an area called Glasgow which was a sugar cane field. We even found out that porridge is one of the most popular foods out there.”

Storm may seem like an apt name for a weather presenter’s stage persona – but in fact it’s her real name.

She said: “My mum was reading a Wilbur Smith book while she was pregnant called A Sparrow Falls and the main character was called Storm Courtney.

“Also, on the night I was born there was a bigh electrical storm, so she decided Storm was the name for me. It’s a bit unusual and I got teased a bit when I was younger, but it’s all fine now.”

Storm, who studied politics and economics at Glasgow University, said she didn’t originally plan to be a 

After moving to London, she helped set up a local community radio station and decided to do a post-graduate degree in journalism.

An opportunity then came up on the BBC’s weather desk, and Storm liked the experience so much, she decided to do an Open University meterological course. She then clinched the presenting position on STV Glasgow.

Now back living in her home town, she said: “I love Bishopbriggs and have great memories of my childhood. It’s such a warm, friendly place.” .

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