Thornton Road Community Centre Open Day today

Open for business...Thornton Road Community CentreOpen for business...Thornton Road Community Centre
Open for business...Thornton Road Community Centre
THE huge renovation of the Thornton Road Community Centre in Kirkmuirhill has been completed - and the rebirth’s organisers want villagers to see it for themselves.

The work, which is estimated at £25,000, has seen the former Target Centre transformed and has become a hub for a number of groups within Blackwood and Kirkmuirhill.

Community Centre Association chairman Dennis White said: “It was back in October 2012 when the council approached us saying that if someone could take the Target Centre on as it would be closed in the near future.

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“A few of us in the committee decided to take it on and we spoke with the council, Universal Connections and Healthy Valleys and we managed to get the centre handed over to us in March last year. We also received money from the Second Chance Charity Shop which was greatly appreciated.

“In just a year and a quarter we have completely refurbished the whole thing to make it fit for purpose.

“At the moment we lease the building but we are hopeful that we will be able to purchase the building in the near future; that’s certainly what we are aiming for.”

The Community Centre open day will take place today from noon until 9pm.