LETTER: Step in to save No 15 bus service

Sir, – Dear Cllrs Hendry, Cumming, O’Neil & Mechan, I am writing to ask for the council’s support and help to reinstate the No. 15 bus service which is currently run by Citibus, this service operates in Milngavie, Baljaffray and Anniesland & Glasgow, and will cease to operate in June 2019.

As a resident of Baljaffray, we have seen over recent years a depletion of bus service routes in our local area, and now to nearly the point of no bus service in Baljaffray at all. Many residents in Baljaffray and the local area depend on this service to access the community services, such as the doctors, Gartnavel Hospital, Glasgow University, supermarkets and link to other bus routes etc.

To many of Baljaffray’s older residents it is their lifeline to keep active, socialise and use their bus passes which the Scottish Government promotes as keeping our older population healthy etc, I can speak for my parents whose ages are 74 & 78 and my mother- in-law who is 80, all 3 use the bus almost daily, and all 3 confirm that this bus route is busy and well used by the local community. If this bus service is stopped completely then their quality of life will suffer which in my opinion is completely unacceptable.

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I have a 25 year old son who works for Glasgow University, the number 15 bus allows him to travel on public transport to and from work daily, without this service he will struggle to get to his work. Glasgow University recently introduced parking permits for staff, but if you had a bus route available to you, you were not issued with a permit as they are also promoting the use of public transport and protecting the environment along with not causing traffic congestion in the West End of Glasgow.

I have a niece who is leaving Bearsden Academy this summer and will start Glasgow University after the summer, she had also planned to use this bus service on a daily basis.

As a Local Authority, you encourage us to recycle and to do everything we possibly can to be environmentally friendly, you promote healthy lifestyles and keeping all ages active, I therefore urge you to do everything in your power to save this vital No 15 Bus service in order that our local community is not cut off.

I would appreciate if you could update me as a matter of urgency on what action the council will be taking to save this bus service? – Yours, etc.,

Amanda Stewart