Survey on Lanark traffic plan

Consultation is underway on a potential option to improve traffic flow in Lanark town centre.
From seven options, the council has selected one which could be taken forward to combat traffic in the town.From seven options, the council has selected one which could be taken forward to combat traffic in the town.
From seven options, the council has selected one which could be taken forward to combat traffic in the town.

The council’s Local Transport Strategy 2013-2023 identified several projects where new road infrastructure was necessary, among them the Lanark Gyratory system.

Seven options were considered before the council opted for option one – known as the upper High Street Gyratory.

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It would see St Leonard Street become a two lane one-way street eastbound to increase capacity at the High Street/Bannatyne Street/St Leonard Street junction, taking away the westbound flow.

A new two lane one-way link road would be formed between St Leonard Street and Woodstock Road.

Woodstock Road, between the new link road and Bannatyne Street, would be one-way southbound and Bannatyne Street would become a two lane one-way street westbound between Woodstock Road and St Leonard Street.

This option would require the removal of the building at No.1-3 Bannatyne Street, currently occupied by Oxfam.

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In its consultation report, the council states: “The Upper High Street Gyratory was the most viable option as it demonstrated the greatest benefits and reduction in travel times. It is proposed to progress this option; however, the project is dependent on available funding and may take a number of years to implement.”

Before seeking suitable funding, the council now wants to hear from residents, businesses and anyone who travels through Lanark.

Full details on the proposals and a link to the survey are available at The consultation is open until Friday, February 11.

Councillor John Anderson, community and enterprise resources committee chairman, said: “I would like to ask as many people as possible who live, work or travel in the area to complete this survey.

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“Their feedback will be essential in allowing us to develop the option and, if supported, consider funding opportunities.

“The traffic modelling concluded that the best option was the one we are now seeking feedback on.”

Clydesdale North Councillor Julia Marrs is also asking locals to air their views.

She said: “Lanark traffic is a near constant issue raised with me, the core issue being the town’s roads medieval character under significant pressure by simply too many vehicles.

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"I sought and welcomed an updated Lanark Traffic survey in 2019.

"As traffic flows have returned to pre pandemic levels, coupled with new pressures on Lanark, I’m pleased to see the report published now. I would encourage people to read the survey results and comment.”

Among those now doing so is Lanark Community Development Trust.

Chairwoman Sylvia Russell said: “Traffic in the town has been aggravated by the closure of Woodstock Road but it was bad way before then. We all agree that something needs to be done.

“What is proposed is similar to a design in the 1970s by burgh surveyor Dougal McDonald – known as Dougal’s Magic Roundabout. We’ll be discussing the options later this week.”

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