Tunnock's says bigger bakery will create jobs in Uddingston

Tunnock's plans to safeguard the future of its Uddingston bakery by building an extension which will lead to another 30 jobs.

The firm says expansion is need to cope with “increased worldwide demand” for its famous products.

Its proposals have angered some nearby residents who claim existing parking problems in the area will worsen.

However, Tunnock’s insists there will be no impact on its car park as the extension will be over the first and second floor only.

Nearly 580 people are employed at the bakery which has stood on its site in the centre of Uddingston since the 1960s. Tunnock’s has been in Uddingston since 1890.

Production is round the clock with workers split into three shifts.

A statement lodged with the firm’s planning application said: “The effect of the proposed extension is to allow new and improved equipment to be installed.

“This additional investment of several million pounds will additionally safeguard current employment on the site.

“It is expected that 30 new jobs will be created on the night shift.”

The statement described the Tunnock’s Bakery as as landmark building which attracts “numerous” visitors. It added: “Factory tours are booked out more than 12 months ahead.”

The planning application will be considered by South Lanarkshire Council which has received objections from two nearby residents.

One said residents struggle to find parking spaces in Crofthead Street because of cars belonging to Tunnock’s workers and an extension would worsen the situation.

Another objector claimed to have had altercations with bakery employees who have “absolutely no regard” to residents when parking.

She said an extension would have a “devastating” effect, citing not only parking but noise, loss of light and road safety.

The objector pointed out that more children play in the area thanks to new facilities at Crofthead Park, adding: “To expand the bakery is ludicrous and detrimental to the neighbourhood.”

However, the Tunnock’s statement explained that the extension at the back of the bakery will be over the first and second floors and the staff parking area at ground level will be retained.

It said most workers arrive by shared cars and taxi-buses. Pressure on parking peaks around 3pm when the back shift takes over from the day shift.

There are public car parks next to the bakery, but these have a two-hour limit in order to deter workers and encourage shoppers.

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