USA Q Nails has agreed to allow the public to use their toilet

A nail salon, which is renting the former tourist information building in Milngavie precinct, has agreed to continue to allow the public to use their toilet.
USA Q Nails in the former tourist information officeUSA Q Nails in the former tourist information office
USA Q Nails in the former tourist information office

USA Q Nails, which moved from Station Road, Milngavie, to the new premises on Douglas Street next to the Fraser Centre, should be making the toilet available to the public during opening hours as a condition of their lease.

Ian Black, East Dunbartonsghire Council’s group director of finance and corporate assets, said: “The premises at 15 Douglas Street, Milngavie, were leased as of April 18 and will be used as a nail parlour. As part of the terms, the toilet will be available to the public during opening hours.”

However, a local woman who asked not to be named, said: “The sign on their shop window gives a mixed message to the public because it directs them to toilets elsewhere such as Milngavie Community Centre and the Lillie Art Gallery, which are both about five or ten minute walk away from the precinct.”

The tourist information centre closed last September when the business owner quit after becoming fed up with the attached toilet facilities.

Louise McFarlane, who runs the Unique Company which sells personalised gifts, decided not to work from the office in Milngavie precinct anymore because of an embarrassing situation with the toilet.

She says it was not adequately soundproofed and did not have a window to allow proper ventilation - meaning the noise and odour created an unpleasant working environment.

USA Q Nails was served with a warning notice in December last year at it’s Station Road premises after an investigation found it was causing an environmental nuisance.

East Dunbartonshire Council established that a ‘statutory nuisance’ existed at the salon after they looked into complaints from a nearby resident.

At the time USA Q Nails owner, Nina Loin said: “We are aware of this problem which has been going on for a year and of the notice from the council.

“We are trying very hard to fix it.”