Vote for Clydesdale's MSP tomorrow

Six candidates and nine parties are hoping for your support in the ballot box tomorrow, Thursday May 5.

The six politicians wanting to be Clydesdale’s MSP are the SNP’s Aileen Campbell, Labour’s Claudia Beamish, Conservative Alex Allison, Liberal-Democrat Jennifer Jamieson Ball and Independent candidates Bev Gauld and Danny Meikle.

Aileen has been the Clydesdale MSP since 2011, and Claudia a South of Scotland list MSP since then.

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There were only three Clydesdale candidates in 2011, and results then were:

Aileen Campbell, 14,931 (49.65% of the vote);

Labour’s Karen Gillon (who had held the seat until then) 10,715 (35.63% of the vote);

Colin McGavigan for the Conservatives, with 4,291 votes (14.27%).

Turnout in Clydesdale, with 30,073 votes cast, was 52.92%

And tomorrow voters will find a choice of nine parties on the voting paper for the list MSPs for the South Scotland Region.

They are:

Clydesdale and South Scotland Independent;

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Rise - Respect, Independence, Socialism and Environmentalism;

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party;

Scottish Green Party;

Scottish Labour Party;

Scottish Liberal Democrats;

Scottish National Party;

Solidarity - Scotland’s Socialist Movement;

UK Independence Party (UKIP).

Last time there were 12 parties, with the SNP taking 45.96% of the vote in the regional constituency, Labour 28.78% and the Conservatives 13.9%.