Warning over email scammers

EAST Renfrewshire’s trading standards team is warning people of a new scam doing the rounds.

Pricipal trading standards officer Steve Fox said: “We have seen many banking scams over the years, but this one has a new twists in that some people might be taken in by the fact that the form says it is encrypted and somehow safer.”

“But the reason we now it is a scam is because they made one fundamental error — they sent it to me, and I don’t bank with Lloyds.”

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Environment convener Vincent Waters said: “All banks have on their websites that they will never contact you asking for information.

“Believe them and do not reply to these scams.

“Also, I have advice for scammers – don’t try and scam our principal trading officer.”

A further scam involving Barclay’s bank reached The Extra offices this week.

It was an e-mail claiming that an anomaly was uncovered during a routine maintenance check.

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It said that there was “irregular activity” on an individual’s online account and urges the recipient to fill out an attached form which asks for the account number, sort code and the five-digit banking passcode.

The individual who received the mailing has never had an account with Barclays.

The e-mail goes on to warn that the recipient’s account will be suspended unless they give over their banking details.

A statement on Barclays website confirms: “We will never ask you to disclose all your personal or security information details by e-mail.”

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The warning goes on to state: “From time to time Barclays will send out emails.

“Where we can, we’ll include some more information about you, like your name and the name or number of your home to prove our email is a genuine communication.

“We’ll never ask you to disclose all your personal or security details by email.

“If you receive an email asking you to verify your account, confirm your sign-in details, or a similarly worded request, it’s certainly a scam.”