Glasgow weather: City to be warmer than Nairobi this week, says Met Office

Glaswegians are set to enioy another week of warm weather - despite some showers, according to the Met Office.

After a boiling weekend, perfect for BBQs and drinks, those temperatures have carried over into the new week.

It is expected that the temperature will hit 23 degrees on Monday, with the peak heat coming between 4-6pm.

That’s warmer than the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, where it will reach 22 degrees today.

Nairobi, capital of Kenya.

While that might sound like great news for most, the pollen forecast is also ‘very high’ - bad news for hayfever sufferers.

It is expected to remain warm for the rest of the week, moving between 17 and 19 degrees over the next few days, before moving back into the twenties at the weekend.

We might see some rain, with showers predicted on Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning.