You have given children across East Renfrewshire a no green childhood '“ an open letter to Councillor Ireland

Following the decision of four out of seven East Renfrewshire councillors to vote through the planning application to build a 120-place nursery on playing fields at Busby Primary School, pupil Ben Rowan wrote a letter to Councillor Annette Ireland.

Dear Councillor Ireland,

My name is Ben Rowan. I am 11 years old and I am a Pupil of Busby Primary School.

I would like to ask why you have voted to build on green space.

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Last year you came into my class and spoke about how good being a councillor and one thing you also said was you were voted by the people and would help the people of East Renfrewshire. So doesn’t that mean you were lying because you said that you would help the people and really you just ignored them by building on every bit of green space in East Renfrewshire, which doesn’t make the people happy which doesn’t help you become councillor at the next election.

Also, you will have your email inbox full of emails from the people that you have let down and just because you have let ERC build on green space means that the people won’t do anything.

As I have said I am a Primary 7 pupil of Busby Primary which no longer has a field because you didn’t listen to the people and decided to build on it. this isn’t the first time I have sent an email like this.

I have send lots of emails to people such as the Extra which got put into it and also Fiona Morrison Head of Education Services.

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I have had the benefits of the field for seven years and I would like to say that we have recently got a MUGA built in the lower playground at busby which is taking up lots of space and my big cousin was at busby and the Parent Council asked for a MUGA and East Ren said NO because of drainage but its ok if you build a Nursery on because all of a sudden the drainage is ok!

My school are at a 102% capacity which is too much and you and three of your colleagues thought that it would help to take away more space now that is just stupid. There were people upset in the playground because of you and three others!

You are taking away our right to play and don’t think you can say you still get that right in the playground because we arent. My school is too busy for more space taken away because when the Nursery is built my school are going to stagger lunches which will completely mess up our day.

You have given children across East Renfrewshire a no green childhood and no green outdoor learning. This is not ok and I hope you realise that because there is a higher chance that next election you will not be a councillor. This has not made anyone happy apart from you and soon you will see that not everyone is happy.

Yours Sincerely,

Ben Rowan

PS: Can you thank the three that did vote for THE PEOPLE for me.