Your view: Park life no longer for all the people?

PROPOSED changes to park rules could give Glasgow city council the right to refuse prolific users of the city’s parks.

A petition against the proposal, which would ban groups of 20 or more from gathering in Glasgow city’s parks without prior written consent, has more than 11,000 signatures.

Organised sport, radios and outdoor education could also fall victim to the changes.

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A Glasgow city council spokesman said: “Glasgow’s parks and open spaces are for everyone to use and enjoy.

“These rules are designed to encourage all parks users to enjoy our parks and open spaces safely and responsibly.”

We asked southsiders: should Glasgow city council back down from plans to charge certain users from using their parks?

Scott Robertson (27), who works in Pollokshields, said: “The council’s plans are an absolute joke. They should stop putting barriers in front of people who want to get fit.”

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Cathcart man Charlie Dunlop (51) told The Extra: “It’s a good idea. It would open up more money for the council to boost facilities in other areas.”

But for 27-year-old Julia Fyfe, “it isn’t really called for.

“The parks are for the people to use however they see fit. The parks are safer when more people use it.”

Mick McGinley (40) from Shawlands, added: “I would like to see where the money received from charges would be distributed.

“I suppose money has to come from somewhere.”

Comments on the proposed management rules can be made until Friday, February 14 at [email protected].