Four simple ways to stop ants as they move into UK homes

Data from Google trends reveals ants are on the increase right now in homes across the country - and it’s only going to get worse!

Kitchen appliance experts, Marks Electrical have provided four chemical-free ways to prevent ants from entering your home:

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1. Use chalk

Due to containing calcium carbonate, chalk is a good item to use in preventing ants around the kitchen. Where you may have identified entry points for ants in the kitchen, you can spray powdered chalk around the entrance.

Chalk is a great way to stop ants spreading at home (pictured above)

2. Salt can do wonders

Working in a similar way to chalk, salt is a good option and readily available in most people’s homes. Table salt is fine and you can mix in a good amount of hot water and using a spray bottle, cover any entry points around the kitchen and home.

3. Peppermint is a great repellent

Ants dislike the smell of peppermint. You can grab peppermint oil from most homeware stores and pharmacies. Mix around 10-15 drops into a mug of water, if adding to a spray bottle like the salt water, you can spray this in problem areas. Repeat this regularly!

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4. Use lemons

Finally lemons are also a great option. Again, once the entry point is identified, grab some lemon peel and place it there - ants don’t like the bitter smell and therefore it will act as a natural deterrent for ants that should keep them away.”

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