Mary Berry's salad dressing recalled from supermarkets

TV favourite Mary Berry's salad dressing has been recalled from supermarkets as a batch contains "undeclared egg".

Thousands of £3 bottles of the dressing featuring the TV cook's face on the label have been removed from supermarket shelves.

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On the label, the 83-year-old TV veteran is quoted as saying: "A delicious, mellow, full flavoured special dressing. One of my favourites!".

TV favourite Mary Berry's salad dressing has been recalled from supermarkets

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) ordered the recall of the 235ml bottles of the dressing after it was found to contain egg despite it not being declared on its labelling.

Egg is missed out on the bottles' ingredients despite being a common allegen in the UK.

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Their ingredients read: "Rapeseed Oil, Water, Sugar, White Wine Vinegar, Mustard Flour, Salt, Cornflour, Coarse Black Pepper, Yellow Mustard Seeds, Basil, Parsley."

A FSA spokesman said: "The supplier of Mary Berry’s Salad Dressing 235 ml has identified that another product with egg as an ingredient has been filled and labelled as the above product that does not declare the presence of Egg.

"This makes the product unsuitable for people with a sensitivity to egg. As a precautionary measure the product is being recalled."

Mary Berry’s Salad Dressing is stocked in all major supermarkets.

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The FSA said people with a sensitivity to eggs should not consume the dressing and call 01494 895507 to arrange a replacement sample to be sent out.

People who bought the salad dressing can also return the bottle to the store they bought it from and get a full refund.

Labelling mishap

The distributors of Mary Berry's Salad Dressing have insisted the product does NOT contain egg and they were only recalling bottles because of a labelling mix-up.

The firm said their suppliers found a batch of another product which does contain egg, Lemon & Thyme Sauce, was wrongly labelled as Mary Berry's Salad Dressing.

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The firm said correct labelling for Lemon & Thyme does include egg.

A spokesman for distributors RH Amar said: "Contrary to the statement currently appearing on the FSA website - this is a case of another product - Lemon & Thyme sauce - being labelled incorrectly, as opposed to egg actually being in Mary Berry's Salad Dressing."

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