New 'bee bank cards' let people rescue tired bees with a sugar solution

The product is the work of an art graduate (Photo: SWNS)The product is the work of an art graduate (Photo: SWNS)
The product is the work of an art graduate (Photo: SWNS)

by Josh Barrie

Much has been said about the plight of the bee. The British Beekeepers Association has said numbers have been dropping for decades.

And despite an increase in beekeepers and honeybees thanks to a keener interest in local food and the environment, the insects have a harder time in the wild due to the destruction of wild habitats, disease, and pesticide use.

Colony Collapse Disorder, in which worker bees inexplicably leave their hive, is also an issue in Britain.

Now, bee lovers will be able to offer a helping hand to exhausted insects thanks to a specially designed bank card that features a pool of sugar solution embedded inside.

A sugary solution

Bee Saviour Behaviour (BSB) has invented an easy to carry, first aid kit of sorts for bees, in the hope that people will deploy the substance if they spot an unwell bee while outside. The insects can be revived by a simple sugar solution, which is an effective way of providing a boost of energy.

The cards are easy to use (Photo: SWNS)

Founder of BSB, Dan Harris, 40, said, “We discovered that bees run out of energy very fast as they have a really high metabolism.

“But it is very easy to revive bees by giving them a sugary solution that they can drink.”

Care on the streets

While bees are often cared for in homes and gardens, they might not receive the same care and attention out on the streets of Britain.

But the pollinators, vital to the ecosystem as they are, are more likely to grow too tired to fly out of gardens and green spaces. And there are thousands buzzing around Britain every day.

Mr Harris, a fine art graduate, added, "It is very common to see exhausted bees on the street.

“When we see them we don’t always carry a teaspoon of sugar with us.”

Mr Harris designed the sugar solution carrier three years ago, using re-purposed cards from banks that have undergone re-branding.

"It has three puddles of sugary solutions in holes of the card," he said.

“We have then put them under a peelable sticker. If the bee is tired you just put the card next to it and he’ll drink it.”

Seeking funding

The solution of water and pure fondant sugar will give the bee the necessary hydration and energy to survive.

Mr Harris, from Norwich, Norfolk, has started a crowdfunder called "Take #savethebees to the streets". He hopes to raise £8,000 to buy the necessary tools to manufacture the cards ready for the summer holidays.

There are currently 200 prototypes on British streets, and a card can be pre-ordered through their crowdfunder website.

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