Solo trailer: 7 moments Star Wars fans will appreciate

The jury is still out on whether new big screen Star Wars spin-off Solo is likely to succeed (or whether it even needs to exist, for that matter).

A decidedly troubled production, coupled with fan concerns over what a 'young Han Solo prequel' could do to an iconic character, have left some fearing a cinematic disaster.

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But the new full-length trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story suggests the pluck, humour and derring do may be strong in this one.

Here are some moments from it that Star Wars devotees will appreciate.

'I've got a really good feeling about this'

This utterance might be an obvious subversion of the classic Han line. But it's a nice nod to one of the character's signature quotes, and how his arc is likely to start with starry-eyed optimism and end in cynical gruffness. It's also worth mentioning that actor Alden Ehrenreich apparently has the required swagger to carry off the youthful smuggler, even if he's not a dead-ringer for Harrison Ford.

Han the gunslinger

We see the young Solo in a classic Spaghetti Western style pose, hand poised near hip-holster as he confronts a group of Mad Max esque bandits on a dusty planet. Given the character's clear gunslinging parallels in the original Star Wars film, it's a pleasing approach.

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Han the rogue

Gambler. Driver. "Rough around the edges", as Emilia Clarke's Qi'ra puts it. There's no doubt the filmmakers are positioning the protagonist as a genuine rugged anti-hero at the centre of a heist tale, with a story revolving around "a big shot gangster putting together a crew".

Lando is back

Donald Glover seems suitably arrogant, charming and charismatic as the younger iteration of Solo's friend/rival. "Everything you've heard about me is true," he notes, while swigging a drink in a bar.

Chewbacca at the forefront

The fuzzball is back, and his interactions with young Han look along the right same lines as the original trilogy. "What do you think?" he asks his Wookie companion at what point. "Oh, what do you know..." is Solo's response to an anxious Chewie growl. The fact that a female Wookie love interest is seemingly on board is simultaneously endearing and hilarious.

The new droid bodes well

Sarcastic K-2SO was arguably the most likeable character in Rogue One. R2D2 and C3PO were strong comic relief (at least in the original trilogy). Now no-nonsense droid L3-37, voiced by Fleabag's Phoebe Waller-Bridge (yes, really), looks to be another enjoyable hunk of metal along for the adventure.

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Action, action and more action

Yes, by now the expectation of gorgeous cinematic eye-candy and blaster-packed adrenaline in Star Wars is standard. But a centrepiece train battle in the snow, and some of the aerial dog-fighting, definitely looks promising.

We'll have to wait another six weeks or so to see if Solo really can deliver.

Solo is set to hit UK cinemas on May 25.

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