Clyde chairman Gordon Thomson says potential move from Broadwood to be discussed next month

Clyde chairman Gordon Thomson (pic: Craig Black Photography)Clyde chairman Gordon Thomson (pic: Craig Black Photography)
Clyde chairman Gordon Thomson (pic: Craig Black Photography)
A working group studying whether Clyde should move from Broadwood will report to the club’s board early in the new year.

Clyde chairman Gordon Thomson established three working groups to focus on Broadwood, Relocation and Governance when he took over the role last year.

The three groups have been looking at how best the club’s corporate governance can operate, the sustainability of remaining at Broadwood – the club currently leases facilities from North Lanarkshire Leisure – and the sustainability of moving to an alternative location.

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And, in his new year message to Clyde fans, he revealed all three groups are on target to give an update to board members this month and to club owners in February.

He said: “The Governance group has made proposed changes which are currently being considered by the board and a consultation period for club owners will commence in February, with the intention of an egm to adopt the agreed changes in spring 2022.

"The proposals will include the process of electing directors, updates in regard to online participation, financial procedures, conflict of interest and also a new code of conduct document for board members. These are welcomed and I look forward to the gaining the necessary backing to implement the proposed recommendations.

"Both the Broadwood group and the Relocation group have been given access to club budgets and management accounts in order to better understand the costs and benefits of staying at Broadwood, as we continue to review how best we can increase income streams.

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"The Relocation group has considered this further in researching potential alternative scenarios.

"The purpose of these groups is to eliminate as best as we can the romance or, dare I say, the urban myths that have grown over the years when this topic is discussed.

"Both will need to respond to the fundamental questions – why stay? Or why move?

"There also needs to be a real understanding of what potential revenue levels would look like based at Broadwood or out with, so owners can make a choice of what is the best outcome for the club, not only in the short but also the medium and longer term.”

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