GHA’s third home loss in a row

HOME ties are proving to be a less-than-successful hunting ground for GHA of late as they came away without a point for the third week in a row.

But, the best than can be said is that it’s not without trying as the team try desperately for a home win.

At te weekend it was a visit from Hillhead-Jordanhill which proved more than GHA could manage.

However, if they gave out prizes for coming close, the squad would be winners.

For the Hills it was not a happy time either. They managed to score their third try four minutes into the second half but never really showed any sign of gaining the bonus point after that.

In the spacce of seven mintues, the westenders had three penalties.

Rather than kicking the ball to the corner and attempting to get a fourth try, they fired for the goal — with Andy Leslie managing to score only one of them making the visitors’ lead 23-15 after 58 minutes.

Leslie went on to score three other goals, but missed five in total, losing out on a possible 13 further points.

GHA were the first on the scoresheet, on the day, when their forwards forged forward and allowed Reid Wilson to score a try which Murray Houston converted.

But then it was the visitors turn to fight back when Leslie scored the first of his three penalties followed by tries from David Mitchell and Chris Butler to make it 13-7 to Hillhead-Jordanhill.

That put paid to the first half.

It didn’t take long into the second for the visitors to put their stamp on the game.

Blair Macpherson achieved a try which Leslie converted to make the score 20-7.

GHA weren’t dead, by any mannr of means, as two penalties helped them to strike back.

Houston took a goal from one of them in front of the posts and Andy Henderson’s penalty from 10 metres out and quick recycling left Heflin O’Hare to score, but too far to the right for Houston to convert.

GHA were forced from the bonus-point range by Leslie’s second penalty score.

No matter, GHA gave their all with a late surge, with more pick-and-drive rugby close to the opposition line.

But instead of producing the try it deserved, it brought a penalty goal by Scott Lang.

And the home side lost Wilson through a leg injury in the build up to that goal.

GHA were still looking to earn a bonus point, but it was not to be. The final score was 18-26 for the visitors.