'Gow boss dumbfounded as game is stopped nine minutes early

Lesmahagow Juniors manager Robert Irving was dumbstruck when referee Michael McCart blew for time up NINE MINUTES too early.
Lesmahagow Juniors manager Robert Irving (Pic by Sarah Peters)Lesmahagow Juniors manager Robert Irving (Pic by Sarah Peters)
Lesmahagow Juniors manager Robert Irving (Pic by Sarah Peters)

Despite there being just 36 minutes played in the second half, McCart stopped Saturday’s home league contest against Neilston with ’Gow leading 3-1.

Irving said: “There was a stunned silence when the referee blew for time up so early.

“He was wearing two watches so I don’t know how he managed to make such a mistake.

“I went over and told him that we’d only played 36 minutes, but at first he insisted it was 45.”

Subsequently realising his error, Irving said that the whistler then went into the Neilston dressing room to tell their players to come back out for the remaining time. But it was too late as they’d all showered and got changed.

“I kept my players on the pitch but Neilston went and got changed,” Robert said.

“I have never known a team to get showered as quickly as that.

“It was damage limitation for Neilston and I think they just went away so quickly in the hope that the game will be replayed.

“I would be happy for them to come back and play nine minutes but I don’t think the game should be replayed in its entirety.”

Scottish Junior FA West Region secretary Scott Robertson said that officials will meet on Tuesday, October 11, to decide whether or not there should be a replay.