High winds over the weekend don’t help at Woodburn

Woodburn Fishery

(Milton of Campsie)

The weather has not improved much this week and there were high winds over the weekend that didn’t help too much.

On the fly fishing front Robert Currie from Lenzie had four for 13lbs 4oz, Kevin Black (Glasgow) two weighing 5lbs 2oz, Gavin Hutchinson (Cumbernauld) eight rainbow and a tremendous brown of 12lbs, and George Meechan had a brace at 4lbs 7oz.

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David Duncan from Castlemilk caught two for 6lbs 4oz and Lewis McCann of Kirkintilloch four for 12lbs 7oz.

The top taking flies last week were the White Nymph, Black Woolly Bugger, Cats Whisker and the Black and Green Fritz.

The bait fishers also did well with Mr Grant from Clydebank getting one at 4lbs 7oz, Mr Marshall from Milngavie took two for 3lbs 8oz and released a big brown of 11lbs.

Mr Shovien from Milton of Campsie had four for 8lbs 5oz and Mr Stokes managed four for 10lbs.

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Dale Tanner from Kirkintilloch caught a brace weighing 5lbs and Ryan Coyle four for 12lbs 9oz.

Wellsfield Trout Fishery

Buzzer hatches are prolific at the moment as are hatches of other invertebrates on the fishery lochans. We have had some excellent rises of trout on the surface recently for fly fishers.

Rainbows, blues and brown trout are featuring amongst the catches and many anglers are catching their limits.

Most fly fishers caught fish using floating lines with a long leader or 5ft sink tips. Best flies this week: Buzzers, Craft Eye Cats, Hot Head Claret Damsel, Mini Dancers, Diawl Bachs and Ally McCoist Fritz.

Best baits: Maggots, worms, Power Bait and Mepps Spinners.

Best catches for this week:

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J. Aird (Snr) (Hamilton) five for 15lb 8oz, R. Shaw (Falkirk) five for 15lb, I. Urquart (Falkirk) five for 15lb, P. Clements (Kirkintilloch) five for 15lb, A. Watson (Lenzie) five for 15lb.

P. Ritchie (Boness) four for 15lb, best 9lb rainbow trout, I. Wilson (Banknock) four for 12lb, F. Garvie (Glasgow) four for 12lb, R. McManus (Stirling) four for 12lb, D. Sharp (Perth) four for 12lb, B. Eadie (Cowie) four for 11lb, W. Quinn (Wishaw) four for 11lb 4oz, P. Davis (Stepps) four for 10lb 4oz, C. Reid (Kincardine) four for 10lb, W. Williams (Sauchie) four for 9lb 8oz, G. Anderson (Carron) four for 10lb,

D. McMillan (Oban) three for 9lb 12oz, J. Aird (Hamilton) three for 9lb 4oz, M. Barker (Stirling) three for 9lb 4oz, S. Murray (Deanston) three for 9lb, J. Dowell (Grangemouth) three for 9lb, A. Love (Falkirk) three for 9lb, K. Lowe (Bathgate) three for 9lb, N. Smith (West Calder) three for 9lb. R. Niven (Broxburn) three for 9lb. M. King (Livingston) three for 9lb, S. Sharp (Falkirk) three for 9lb, C. Gillies (Kilsyth) three for 9lb, F. Barr (Alloa) three for 9lb, M. Gibb (Alva) three for 8lb, D. Yearling (Falkirk) three for 8lb, D. Stewart (Lenzie) three for 8lb, P. Freethie (Alloa) three for 8lb, J. Black (Glasgow) three for 7lb 8oz

M. Burgess (Airdrie) two for 7lb, best 4lb rainbow, B. Davidson (Stirling) two for 7lb, best 4lb rainbow, D. McMurchy (Fallin) two for 6lb 12oz, A. Couper (Stirling) two for 6lb 8oz, P. Quinn (Wishaw) two for 6lb 8oz, K. Ward (Alloa) two for 6lb 8oz, M. Dunnachie (Plean) two for 6lb, D. Cairns (Cumbernauld) two for 6lb, I. Wallace (Tolcross) two for 6lb, D. Ferguson (Cambuslang) two for 6lb, R. Ure (Stirling) two for 5lb 12oz, D. Kilpatrick (Denny) two for 5lb 12oz, D. Forsyth (Sauchie) two for 5lb 8oz, D. McDade (East Kilbride) two for 5lb, G. Binnie (Falkirk) two for 5lb.

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S. Baxter (Falkirk) one for 6lb rainbow trout, J. Telfer (Longcroft ) one for 4lb rainbow, R. Davis (Clydebank) one for 4lb, P. Gallagher (Helensburgh) one for 4lb, F. Brett (Wales) one for 3lb 12oz, G. Beveridge (Dumfries) one for 3lb 8oz.

For more information on Wellsfield Trout Fishery, call 01324 822800 or visit: www.wellsfield.co.uk

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