It was all just a little too high for jumper David

Giffnock North high jumper David Smith cleared 2.10m on a sunny day at Hampden yesterday (Monday), but a six centimetre increase forced him out of the competition.

The home crowd was right behind the Barrhead boy but the co-ordinated clapping couldn’t lift him the extra height.

As the three attempts progressed he edged closer and closer — but it wasn’t to be.

After jumping into the bar on attempt one, he clipped it with his trailing heel on jump two and on the decider he touched the bar slightly — it wobbled, fell and with it, Smith’s hopes also went tumbling.

It all came to an end with that one touch for the Paisley-born high jumper.

But, at a mere 23 years of age, the self-confessed Smiths fan has time on his side.

The southside crowd was entertained by a vast array of athletes but standout was Kirani James from Grenada, who sauntered to 400m victory in his heats at what appeared to be half-pace at 

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