Italian brothers won‘pizza’ nanbudo glory

Italian brothers win Carluke’s Nanbudo glory
Contenders...Carluke Nanbudo ClubContenders...Carluke Nanbudo Club
Contenders...Carluke Nanbudo Club

As unlikely as it may seem, that’s exactly what happened at a competition masterminded by Carluke Nanbudo Club.

Brothers Leo and Lucca Salernitano finished first and second respectively in the randori (sparring) section of the event at Carluke Community Centre.

“We felt the students of our Carluke and Wishaw branches needed a bit of motivation,” said Carluke Nanbudo Club Deshi (second in command) Conor Baillie.

“So we brought them all together in the one tournament for the first time ever.

“The Italian brothers are only nine and 10 years old respectively.”

For more on the competition, pick up a copy of this week’s Carluke and Lanark Gazette.

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