Glasgow Tigers beaten by Leicester Lions in first leg of in SGB Championship final

Rasmus Jensen leads one of the races at Leicester (pic by George Mutch)Rasmus Jensen leads one of the races at Leicester (pic by George Mutch)
Rasmus Jensen leads one of the races at Leicester (pic by George Mutch)
Glasgow Tigers boss Cami Brown believes his side can still overturn a 12-point deficit in the second leg of their SGB Championship play-offs final against Leicester Lions.

But he knows better performances and better luck will be required if Tigers are to land their first title since 2011 for Saturday's first-leg 51-39 loss at Leicester.

The Tigers were 16 points behind after 14 heats, before a final heat 5-1 from Rasmus Jensen and Claus Vissing reduced the deficit ahead of Tuesday's return leg at the Peugeot Ashfield Stadium.

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Brown admits it was a difficult meeting for his side, who only had two heat advantages - but insists they won't give up.

He said: "It's a very tough night. We had no luck at all and there were a few dubious refereeing decisions that didn't go our way. Craig Cook had an engine failure while leading a race and we didn't seem to get the rub of the green.

"Their guest, Richard Lawson, was also exceptional for them, but it might not work out like that for them on Tuesday so we'll have to see how it goes.

"We haven't downed tools yet at all and I can't see us riding as badly at home - so I don't think we're out of it yet - even if Leicester might think they have done enough.

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"I can't see our reserves having as poor scores at home and Craig, who had machinery problems all night, won't score six at home either.

"On the flipside, Rasmus was superb and they will be wary of him - Claus was also excellent and Mikkel B Andersen had a good night, he was on the pace.

"The plan would be to score big early doors on Tuesday, but we have to see how that goes - we can't just expect that to happen. If the likes of Mikkel can replicate his performance from tonight, and some of the others can up their game, we have a chance.

"The boys will do some practice on Monday to try to get dialled in to the track. We've come too far now not to give it our best shot in the second leg."

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Tuesday's meeting - which was rearranged from last night due to the weather - starts at 7.30pm.

LEICESTER 51: Richard Lawson 11+1, Ellis Perks 9+2, Ryan Douglas 8+1, Ty Proctor 7+2, Scott Nicholls 7+1, Connor Mountain 7+1, Joe Lawlor 2+1.

GLASGOW 39: Rasmus Jensen 15, Claus Vissing 8+2, Craig Cook 6, Mikkel B Andersen 4, Sam Jensen 4, Connor Bailey 2, Kyle Bickley 0.