Great Scottish Run: Depute Lord Provost to swap suit and starter pistol for shorts and trainers

The biggest weekend of running in Scotland takes place this weekend (September 28th and 29th) with up to 30,000 participants set to descend on Glasgow city centre, including the Depute Lord Provost for Glasgow – who is swapping the starter pistol for his trainers instead.
Philip Braat, Glasgow Depute Lord ProvostPhilip Braat, Glasgow Depute Lord Provost
Philip Braat, Glasgow Depute Lord Provost

Philip Braat, who has been in office since 2007 and the Depute Lord Provost since May 2017, has decided to take on the challenge and complete his first half marathon in his home city.

Philip, 43, said: “I’ve taken part in the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run in an official capacity on three separate occasions now and it has been a fantastic privilege to actually start the race. There is just a fantastic feeling and spirit to the occasion, which is difficult not to get caught up in.

“In 2017 I’d made a throw away comment in a speech at the post race civic reception, stating that I’d get my running gear on and take part in the next one. I was very kindly reminded of this by some of the elite runners at last year’s event – so I’m keen to keep my word and complete it this time round.

“I’ve only recently started running as a great way to keep fit, so completing a half marathon will be a challenge, but I’m looking forward to getting out there and enjoying the event.

“The Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run is a fantastic boon to have within the city – it brings such a vibrancy to the streets. When you see members of the public bringing their young families to either watch family members or friends taking part, or sometimes to just cheer on total strangers – it brings the city out and gives Glasgow such a lift.

“I’m really excited to be putting on my trainers this time round. It is a great honor to start the race, seeing thousands upon thousands of fantastic people having fun and taking on the challenge for such a variety of personal reasons, but on this occasion to actually be part of the race, it is going to be a very special occasion that I won’t forget.

“Being part of something bigger than yourself, running alongside people who are taking part to test themselves or to raise money and awareness for charities – the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run has it all.”

The Family Mile, Junior Run and Toddler Dash take place on Super Saturday, 28th September and both the 10k and half marathon on Sunday 29th September, up to 30,000 runners of all ages and abilities are expected to take part.

The iconic run will once again be supported by Bank of Scotland, who this year are celebrating their eleventh year as partner.

Catch all the action live from 11.15-13.15 on Sunday 29 September on the Red Button and BBC Sport Website. The whole weekend will be covered in a highlights programme on Monday 30 September at 7pm on BBC Scotland.

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