Stay active to improve your mental wellbeing

Young People’s Sport Panel member Katelyn Williamson is encouraging fellow East Dunbartonshire residents to stay active to help their mental wellbeing while restrictions remain in place.
Katelyn WilliamsonKatelyn Williamson
Katelyn Williamson

Katelyn, from Auchenreoch, has been a member of sportscotland’s Young People’s Sport Panel (YPSP) since November.

The panel is currently in its fifth two-year cycle and the 20-strong group have already started their work to help ensure the voice of young people is part of the sporting conversation across Scotland, in an initiative led by sportscotland and supported by Young Scot

Crucial to the National Lottery funded programme is that young people are heard and have the opportunity to influence decision making and drive change across the sporting system.

During a challenging time for the sporting sector and people across the country, mental health has featured prominently in the panel’s early discussions.

The YPSP have supported the sportscotland Walk and Talk campaign which started last June with the goal of encouraging people to set a time for a walk and talk phone call with a friend, to help keep people active and connected.

Katelyn (22) said: “ During this pandemic it is more important than ever for physical activity to be practiced as a means to improve our mental health. Being active has amazing benefits for your overall health and mental wellbeing by releasing endorphins, it also gives you a chance to have a break from the stress of everyday life.

“Setting yourself mini challenges will help keep you motivated if you make them achievable.”