Penalties decide two finals

Footie fans love a penalty shootout. It’s an exciting finish to a final as fans on both sides bite their nails, cross their fingers, invoke celestial help or simply sit with their hands covering their eyes and waiting to hear rather than see how things pan out for their man on the field or in goals, as they endure the white knuckle ride of what can be a hit-or-miss outcome.

For the players, it’s a nightmare scenario as no one wants to be the player who missed or the goalie who let one get past them.

For St Conval’s, their finals in three different trophy games were riddled with penalty shootouts as they strove — and managed elegantly — to take home the silverware in all three matches.

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From their semi-final against St Blanes, which finished 2-2 and went to penalties, St Conval’s went through 4-2 on penalties.

They had two penalty shoot outs to get to the finals, wining both 4-2.

The team play in the Glasgow Catholic Schools Football Association (GCSFA) Brother Eustace league where they finished third this year.

They played two cup final games and a 7-a-side tournament in five days and won all three cups.

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Playing in the Michael Chalmers Cup Final v St Rose of Lima, Craigend at Maryhill Juniors, St Conval’s pulled off a respectable 2-0 win, with goals scored by Jack Burns and Daniel Reid.

Two days later, the met St Anne’s, Barrowfield, for theOpfer Logan Cup Final v St Anne’s, Barrowfield, also at Maryhill Juniors winning 2-1.

Both goals were courtesy of Jack Burns.

Only day’s later, they had to summon the strength to keep up a gruelling fixtures list at their annual 7-a-side Tournament with seven other Glasgow schools played at Nether Pollok playing fields.

St Conval’s won the Arnold Clark Cup. Clyde won the PTA Cup with every child who played any game at all receiving a medal for their participation.

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A spokeswoman said afterwards: “St Conval’s is a small school with just over 200 children on the top of hill, so it has been hard to find training facilites. There are two teams in the school. The older children playing competitive games and the younger children learning ball skills and confidence to progress into the older team as the move up through the school. Coaches, John Connolly, Peter Bullock and Joe Woods can be rightly proud of their young players and share their success.”