Dogs Trust Glasgow: 8 cute and adorable dogs you can adopt in Glasgow

These eight loveable dogs are looking for a new forever home in Glasgow

Dogs Trust Glasgow can be a very busy place at times as they can have up tp 60 dogs to look after before finding them a new home.

The centre in Mount Vernon welcomes all types of dogs to their rehoming site throughout the year with hundreds passing through the centre before they find new owners. They currently have 29 dogs at their centre and to get a dog from Dogs Trust, all you need to do is fill out an application form, after which the team will arrange an appointment for you to come and meet your new furry friend.

After you’ve adopted a dog, the team will keep in touch to check up on you both, as well as offering any advice or support to improve the experience for everyone.

Have a look through our gallery at the loving and adorable dogs which are ready to find a new home.