Oldest Glasgow company still in operation revealed

A new study has revealed the oldest companies in the UK, including Glasgow’s longest-running company.

The map shows the oldest companies in the UK. Pic: businessfinancing.co.uk.

There are six million active companies in the UK, but how many will be around in 100 years’ time? With around 25-30 per cent not able to reach their second anniversary, it’s amazing that some companies have lasted not just decades, but centuries.

What is the oldest company in Glasgow: According to a study by businessfinancing.co.uk, the oldest Glasgow company still in operation is Laings of Glasgow.

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The jewellers, found in Argyll Arcade, was launched in 1840 and now has branches across the UK.

What about the rest of the UK: The website looked at the longest-running companies in 58 of the UK’s cities - and the oldest one can be found in Scotland.

The Aberdeen Harbour Board was founded in 1136 by King David I of Scotland, almost 500 years before the oldest English company.

Trinity House came second, founded in 1514.

See the full list: To find more information, visit the businessfinancing.co.uk website.