Supermarket opening times for Queen’s funeral bank holiday: will Tesco, Asda, Aldi and Lidl open in Glasgow?

Will these supermarkets be open on the bank holiday? Find out.

It was confirmed at the weekend that Monday, September 19, the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, would be a bank holiday.

The monarch, who served for more than 70 years, died at Balmoral last week, surrounded by her children and grandchildren.

The Government announced that there was no obligation to suspend business during the national mourning period.

Supermarket opening times in Glasgow.

However, many people will be given the day off for the bank holiday, while a number of stores have already announced that they will be closing.

Some shops will be operating - with reduced hours - on the bank holiday.


But what impact will it have on supermarkets?


Larger Tesco stores will be closed throughout the day, but smaller Express stores will be open from 5pm.


All Morrisons supermarkets will be closed on Monday, with the petrol stations re-opening at 5pm.



The German supermarket chain has announced that it will be closed for the bank holiday.


The discount retail chain also announced on social media that it would be closed for the bank holiday.


All Asda stores will be closed until 5pm.

Tesco is expected to be closed for a few hours.



The retailer announced that all its stores will be closed, with some minor exceptions. Convenience stores and petrol stations will be open between 5pm and 10pm for essentials.


John Lewis Partnership confirmed that John Lewis and Waitrose stores would be closed the day of the funeral. Some of the Waitrose stores may remain open to serve those lining the funeral route.