A new campaign is advising you to keep windows open over winter to fight Covid

You should keep your windows open during winter to help reduce the spread of coronavirus, according to a new government campaign.

While indoor socialising between households is currently banned in England, the advice is particularly important if guests come over.

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‘Let in fresh air in short bursts’

Opening windows wide for 10 to 15 minutes every couple of hours, or leaving them open slightly all day can drastically reduce the spread of small particles which spread the virus.

Despite this advice, which may prove difficult to follow as temperatures outside plummet over winter, the government is not currently offering any additional support toward fuel bills.

Public Health Minister, Jo Churchill, said “ventilation is essential” as people spend more time inside during winter.

She commented, “As the weather gets colder and wetter, letting in fresh air in short bursts helps to reduce the risk of coronavirus in our homes. We should all remember: open your windows.”

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Why does opening windows help?

The Department of Health and Social Care has produced a video, featuring Dr Amir Khan GP, explaining the new policy.

In the video, Dr Khan says, “Coronavirus is spread through the air via large droplets and smaller particles that come out of the nose and mouth of an infected person as they breathe.

“Coronavirus droplets are heavier and so fall out of the air quickly, but lighter coronavirus particles float in the air, they can linger in a room or any enclosed space and other people can breathe them in becoming infected.

“By opening windows regularly throughout the day you can remove the infected particles that are lingering in the air, so people can’t breathe them in.”

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It is recommended that if people visit your home, you should open windows before, during and after for a while, as well as adhering to the social distancing guidelines, to help prevent the spread of infection.