Covid-19: How many people in Glasgow have had Covid-19?

Glasgow has had more Covid-19 cases than any other part of Scotland, according to figures from the UK Government.

Data from the UK Government shows how many Glaswegians have had Covid-19.

New data shows that, as of November 13, 99,970 people in Glasgow had suffered Covid-19 since the pandemic started in March 2020.

With a population of 635, 640, it means that 15.7 per cent of all people in Glasgow have had the virus.

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How does this compare to other parts of Scotland?

Glasgow has had more cases than any other part of the country, with Edinburgh and North Lanarkshire second and third in the table respectively.

Edinburgh has had 60,700 cases - less than two thirds of the number of cases in Glasgow.

However, while Glasgow tops the table in case numbers, it is also the most populated part of Scotland - in the case rates per 100,000 residents table, the city is third.

17.1 per cent of people in North Lanarkshire and 15.8 per cent of West Dunbartonshire residents have had Covid-19 - more than the rate in Glasgow.

Unsurprisingly, the Orkney islands, Shetland islands, and Outer Hebrides have had the fewest cases.