How to get a vaccine certificate in Glasgow

You might soon need a vaccine certificate for entry to nightclubs and large events.

The risk of thrombocytopenia is almost nine times higher in someone infected with coronavirus compared to one vaccine dose (Photo: Getty Images)

What’s happening? The Scottish government are set to debate using vaccine certificates in order to gain entry to nightclubs and large indoor and outdoor events. But, if you’re double or single jagged, how do you get your vaccine certificate?

How to get your vaccine certificate: In Scotland you need to request a printed copy or PDF of your vaccine certificate, rather than show it on an app.

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From 3 September QR codes are being added to all records of vaccinations, and anyone over 16 can download PDFs of their vaccine status.

Those aged 12 to 15 or anyone that can’t get a PDF can request a copy of their vaccination status by phoning the Covid-19 Status helpline on 0808 196 8565.

Alternatively, you can request a printed copy be sent via the post, which may take up to 14 days to arrive.

Can you get your vaccine certificate online? You can request a paper copy online by logging in using your username and password that can be found on your Covid-19 vaccination appointment letter. All you then need to do is click vaccination status which will allow you to view and request a paper copy of your coronavirus vaccination record letter. Again this may take up to 14 days to arrive in the post.

What are the QR codes on the vaccine certificate for? The QR codes are required in some countries if you’re travelling. You may need to reorder your certificate if it doesn’t have this.

Who is eligible for a vaccine certificate? You can request a vaccine status if you’re aged 12 and over and you’ve been vaccinated (first or both doses) in Scotland.

Find out more on the NHS Scotland website.