Irn-Bru to launch deckchair and cold can delivery to Glasgow sun seekers this month

With some sunny weather due to hit Scotland next week, Irn-Bru is launching its Sunshine Service.

With more sunny weather due next week, Irn-Bru has launched a Sunshine Service delivery that will allow Scots to maximise their time in the sun.

Across Scotland, spaces for outdoor seating become scarce when the sun makes a rare appearance, so the Sunshine Service will ensure that everyone has what they need to enjoy it.

Irn-Bru launches 'sunshine service' delivery of cold cans and deckchair

When the mercury starts to rise and sun-seekers take to the great outdoors, representatives from Scotland’s ‘other’ national drink will be on hand to deliver Irn-Bru-orange deckchairs and cool-bags full of ice-cold fizzy juice.

How to order: To be in with a chance of getting one of the summer care packages, fans simply need to share a photo of their less-than-ideal sunbathing situation with Irn-Bru - whether they’re trying to soak up the sun while working from home, or resorting to using their dining room chairs as sun loungers.

A lucky selection will have the drinks and deckchair delivered straight to their chosen sun trap.

Requests can be made through the official Sunshine Service WhatsApp hotline, or by tagging the brand in an Instagram story using @IRNBRU #SunshineService.

Adrian Troy, Marketing Director at AG Barr said: “Not only is Irn-Bru Scotland's ‘other’ national drink, it’s a brand that supports its fellow Scots through thick and thin. So, with some more sunny weather on the horizon, we wanted to help people enjoy these rare Scottish rays in true Bru bliss.”