In Pictures: 12 Outlander filming locations in and around Glasgow you can visit today

As season 7 is less than a month away - we put together this list of Outlander’s biggest scenes shot in and around Glasgow

Outlander is doing for Scotland in the modern day, what Braveheart did for tourism in the country in the 90s.

Fans across the world will visit Glasgow - some to exclusively see where their favourite show was filmed.

It’s a hugely popular TV show worldwide - and a lot of its best scenes are shot right here in Glasgow, albeit dressed up to look like 1700s Scotland, France, and at times even America (back when it was a BrItish colony).

Given that the time-travel drama is filmed in Wardpark Studios in Cumbernauld, out of convenience the cast will often shoot on location around Glasgow - whether that be exteriors in the lush country parks like Calderglen, or inside the impressive interiors of the University of Glasgow or St Andrews in the Square.

It’s less than a month until Outlander returns to our screens for season 7 (June 17!) - in celebration of that fact, we put together a list of 12 filming locations in and around Glasgow you can visit today.

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