Attendance award

DURING his entire primary school career, Shawlands pupil Clement Bakina has achieved a perfect attendance record.

The 12-year-old enjoyed some well-deserved time off on Tuesday to be recognised for his achievement at a ceremony in the city chambers.

He was joined there by mum Phelomen Mukangiliye and teacher, Jane McClounan.

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Mrs McClounan enthused: "I am so proud of Clement. His enthusiasm makes him such a great pupil. He is up for everything".

The Eastwood boy received a commemorative certificate and watch from Glasgow city council's education convener, Paul Rooney.

Clement, who has a younger brother and sister, told The Extra: "Going to school is just what I do and I quite enjoy it.

I don't want to fall behind and I hate missing out".

He admitted: "The closest I came to being absent was in primary four when both my brother and sister had chicken pox — I was scared I would get it too".

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Clement moved to Glasgow from Rwanda as a four-year-old in 2002 with his mother, who was a secondary teacher there.

Ms Mukangiliye thinks his success is down to a "very simple recipe.

"He is very active as he takes part in almost every after-school activity and represents the school in almost every sport".

While his mum ensures "he eats very well at all times" the schoolboy has few quiet moments.

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He recently captained Shawlands primary's football team to a pair of tournament victories, won a school talent show for singing, bagged a maths award in a national competition and will play the lead (a rapping Toucan) in this week's school production of The Emerald Crown .

Councillor Rooney said: "It's very impressive. Clement's perfect attendance will stand him in great stead for later life.

"We as a council want to build on this and get more pupils following Clement's lead".

Meanwhile, the 12-year-old —who will start at Shawlands Academy in September — thinks he'll back at the city chambers.

He told The Extra: "I'm determined to return in six years' time to be rewarded for not missing a day of secondary school".