COP26: Activists block road outside Engine Works in Maryhill - shutting down COP26 dinner

The activists shut down a dinner for business leaders, which was to be hosted in Maryhill.

What’s happening? Activists chained themselves together, blocked the road and glued themselves to the Engine Works, which was due to host elite business leaders at a dinner tonight (8 November).

The protest started around 8pm, with police arriving on the scene about 20 minutes later. The activists were chanting “we want climate justice” and “make them pay” - as attendees to the dinner were turned away.

The Engine Works was where actor Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted last week ahead of his visit to the climate summit (and dinner in Finnieston).

The activists were joined by the save Maryhill Library campaigners who said that the fight for the library is the same as the fight against climate change - “it’s the fight for our future”.

Several arrests were made, with many protesters still assembled and chanting at 10.15pm.

Today marks the second and final week of COP26, and is the day that Barack Obama visited the climate summit to make a speech both there and at Strathclyde Union.

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