Man convicted of murder of Dutch crime writer Martin Kok, at Glasgow court

Christopher Hughes has been convicted of the murder.Christopher Hughes has been convicted of the murder.
Christopher Hughes has been convicted of the murder.
A man has been convicted of the murder of crime writer Martin Kok at the High Court in Glasgow.

Christopher Hughes (33) was arrested in Italy in January 2020 at the conclusion of a multi-agency investigation and extradited back to Scotland.

He was convicted on Wednesday, following a trial at the High Court in Glasgow, of murder, importing controlled drugs, possessing firearms and prohibited weapons and ammunition.

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Detective Chief Superintendent Stuart Houston, head of Police Scotland’s Organised Crime Unit, said: “It has been well-documented that Hughes is a dangerous individual with a long association with organised crime in Scotland and beyond. He has wreaked havoc in our communities by trading illegal drugs to our communities and being involved in the importation of firearms which undoubtedly would have been used to harm or kill others.

“His conviction today, is testament to Police Scotland’s commitment to relentlessly pursuing criminals who think they are untouchable or above the law. This isn’t the case and we will continue to work closely, and in partnership, with law enforcement colleagues in this country and abroad to bring those involved in violence and organised criminality to justice.

“I am grateful to colleagues in The Netherlands and Italy for their assistance in locating and arresting Hughes, allowing us to bring him before the courts to face the consequences of his nefarious actions. I also want to pay tribute to the team of dedicated Police Scotland officers whose professionalism and tireless efforts have culminated in this positive conclusion today.

“Serious Organised Crime has no place in a civilised society and I want to reassure people in all our communities that Police Scotland will continue to disrupt anyone involved in this type of activity. This is in line with our commitment to achieving the aim and vision of Scotland’s Serious Organised Crime Strategy Taskforce. Working with the partners of the Serious Organised Crime Taskforce we will continue our fight against those involved in serious and organised crime to keep our communities safe.”

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