Glasgow jeweller behind Wear With Grace studio launches crowdfunding for first business photoshoot

Glasgow-based Wear With Grace jewellery has been selected by Creative Scotland to be part of a crowdfunding campaign that will help the brand fund its first professional content shoot.

Wear With Grace, whose home is the East End of Glasgow, has been one of the multiple projects selected by Creative Scotland to participate in this year’s crowdfunding.

The brand’s first promotional shoot will showcase its inclusive approach. A diverse group of models will be chosen to help customers visualise how the hoop earrings, the brand´s signature piece, look in real life.

Creative Scotland Crowdmatch: Creative Scotland’s Crowdmatch competition is aimed towards creative individuals, groups and businesses based in Scotland who are working in the arts, screen and creative industries that need money to support their next idea.

Picture: Wear With Grace

The crowdfunding is part of a greater competition to win a share of £80,000 in March with the funding divided in 8 different projects. £10,000 will be awarded to each project from Creative Scotland towards a crowdfunding campaign.

Wear With Grace´s crowdfunding launched on Monday 14 March, and the ambitious Glasgow-based jeweller is determined to reach her £5,000 mark target.

Laura Caldwell, the artist behind Wear With Grace said: “The aim of the shoot is to employ a team of creatives. By pledging not only are you supporting me and my small business, but you will also be supporting the wider creative community.

“I wouldn´t have the capital on my own to carry out a project like this” said Laura, who feels very strongly about paying creatives for their work.

“I want everyone to be paid properly, because often in the arts we trade on favours, and I would really like that not to happen. People would tend to accept doing unpaid work because it gives you exposure, but that isn´t really fair.”

Her idea is to commission female and non-binary creatives to craft a timeless representation of what Wear With Grace stands for.

Laura added: “Wear With Grace jewellery is designed to make you feel fabulous. Its signature piece, the hoop earrings, come in all sizes, colours and styles. There is literally a pair for everyone.”

The initial outline is to find six models as diverse as possible. “I want everyone to be able to see my content and say: I relate to that, I see myself in that.” said Laura.

How the funding works: Once live, crowdfunding projects must hit a series of milestones on Crowdfunder to receive the funding. £20,000 has been ring fenced so every project that hits milestone one will receive £1,000 of funding.

However, the funding for milestones two, three and four will be released on first come, first served basis. So, there is a sense of urgency attached to Laura’s crowdfunding. In order for her brand to be able to obtain funding, she needs to reach her target before someone else reaches theirs.

Jason Nuttall, Crowdfunder´s Programme Director said: “It’s fantastic to be working with Creative Scotland once again. In the previous two rounds of the Creative Scotland Crowd match, we have seen a huge variety of inventive, artistic, fun-filled projects brought to life through the power of the crowd and the match funding from Creative Scotland.”

Jackie Stewart, Creative Industries Officer for Creative Scotland added: “The arts and creative industries have been hit hard by the consequences of the pandemic. Crowdfunding offers creative individuals and businesses a viable way to generate income to grow and sustain productivity. We’re delighted to continue working with Crowdfunder to help more creative businesses in Scotland launch their own campaigns, grow their networks, increase awareness of their work and build stronger connections with their customers and audiences.”

Wear With Grace beginnings: Laura’s playful and inclusive jewellery is inspired by her background in theatrical design. It has specially translated to the way she markets and photographs her jewellery.

Wear With Grace started in April 2020, at the beginning of the first national lockdown. “Encouraged by friends and family I took full advantage of the creative time I gained during the lockdown and opened an Etsy Shop. I sold out on my first launch, then my second and my third. Very quickly, Wear With Grace was outgrowing my bedroom.” Laura explained.

Because the brand launched at a time when no one could shop in person, Laura had to rely on Wear With Grace’s visual presence and product photography to succeed.

“I was creating a customer relationship solely online using Instagram, Facebook and my website, so my photography was absolutely key,” Laura said.

As the brand grew, so did Laura’s appetite for all things jewellery. She is now studying a HND in Jewellery and Arts Technology at City of Glasgow College. In August 2021 Laura relocated from Comrie, Perthshire, to begin the course in Glasgow.

But now is time to take the next step, and as Wear With Grace climbs up the small business ladder, professional content is key to keep the brand alive.

“From the moment I launched Wear With grace I have been surrounded by an amazing community. Today I need your help in taking the next step with my small business in making this shoot a reality. I hope you will pledge big or small and become a fabulous friend of Wear With Grace,” said Laura.

How to donate: You can find wear with Grace Studio on Instagram and Facebook, or online. If you’re willing to donate to her Crowdfunding campaign, look out for the link on social media or here.

Wear With Grace´s theatrical hoops will also be at the Tenement Takeover Pop up in Battlefield Avenue on Sunday 3 April, which will be the brand’s first Southside pop-up.