Letters to the editor

From our issue of July 25, 2012

Gala Day thanks

Sir, – As chair of Cumbernauld Community Forum I would like to thank a few dedicated volunteers for all their help during the year in putting the gala day together because without them and the publicity from your paper and journalist Clare Grant, it would never happen.

Laura Wallace, our co-ordinator, John King, treasurer, Frank Clark and Alec and all Rotarians, Pastor Jim Gibson and his army of volunteers from Freedom City Church, Liz and Christine for all their work with our gala girls, Donald, Marvin and David with his team from NYT running the cafe, Scottish and Southern Energy volunteers on the day; the support of Greg 
McClymont MP, our two MSPs and Cumbernauld councillors.

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The one thing the gala day cannot do without is sponsorship and I would just like to thank Sanctuary Cumbernauld, Scottish Water Horizon, NLC, NHS, Strathclyde Police Cumbernauld, Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, Barr’s Irn Bru, Tunnock’s Biscuits, Semichem, Highland Colourgalv, Gracious Flowers, Regis Banqueting and all our stall holders and entertainers who make the day a great success.

Last but not least our gala queen, Heather McQueen and her two princesses, Jenna-Beth Meikle and Heather Perrie. It makes you proud of our young people and the head teacher of Cumbernauld High School for these three lovely girls who made Cumbernauld a proud place to live. “Thank you, girls.” And thank everyone very much for a wonderful day. If I have missed anyone I apologise.



Cumbernauld Community Forum

Horsing around

Sir, – As a responsible dog owner who does pick up her dog’s mess I share the lady with the pram’s concerns re dog fouling in Tak-Ma-Doon Road, July 18.

I am equally frustrated when walking my dog at the irresponsible dog owners who do not pick up after their dogs. This is also very evident particularly in the Welfare Park area which again is used by families and young children.

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I am, however, equally frustrated at the horses which are cantered around our parks and pathways and drop their mess. I understand that horse mess does not present the same risks as their mess is bio-degradable. However, dog walkers, mothers with prams and children are having to often go off the pathways, find alternative routes, particularly if pushing a pram, to avoid the mess which again puts people at risk.

Perhaps those taking their horses for a canter can ensure their horse has a sack on its undercarriage. Yours etc., –



via email

Y this option?

Sir, – The `Y’ in Cumbernauld is a long established organisation within the town, who provide much needed services for the young such as, safe and secure accommodation for those who are homeless, support in looking for work, help and support for young single mothers as well as creche facilities amongst other services.

The young people who reside in the flats located in Tarbolton Road are the tenants who need and receive the most help and support and it was for this purpose that the more Cumbernauld focussed CKDC `gifted’ these premises to the young people of the town and not for NLC to close down at a whim when it suits them.

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NLC need to find another solution to closure, for if the Cumbernauld `Y’ are not providing the young in the community those services who will, North Lanarkshire, `where’s Cumbernauld again’, Council? Mmmm. Yorus etc., –


10B Stuart House


Cumbernauld G67 2AN

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