COP26: Can I volunteer for COP26? Are jobs for COP26 available?

COP26 will be a huge event for Glasgow, with people around the world descending on the city with the hope of making agreements that could tackle the climate crisis.

COP26 is being held at the SEC in Glasgow from October 31. COP26 is being held at the SEC in Glasgow from October 31.
COP26 is being held at the SEC in Glasgow from October 31.

With around 25,000 delegates and world leaders in attendance, media from dozens of countries covering the news from COP26, and protests being held throughout the summit, it makes sense that people want to be involved.

And good news for those who do want to be part of COP26 - there are still roles available.

Can I volunteer for COP26?

A host of volunteers from Glasgow and surrounding areas have been recruited to help make the event a success.

Unfortunately, the opportunity to become a volunteer for COP26 has passed - the official website has now closed the application process.

More than 10,000 people applied to be a volunteer during the Glasgow climate summit, eager to give visitors a warm Glasgow welcome.

The COP26 team then had the tough job of sifting through those applications to pick the right people for the roles.

Can I get a job at COP26?

If, however, you want to get a job during COP26 (and get paid) there are still jobs going.

According to Indeed, there are various employers still looking to fill roles - from cleaners and security guards, to Covid ambassadors and restaurant managers.

Most of these are temporary, however, some could lead to permanent roles once COP26 has come to an end.

Can I go to any COP26 events?

While it might be too late to volunteer for COP26, you can still attend various events throughout the climate summit.

A green zone is being set up at the Glasgow Science Centre, open between November 1-12, where there will be events, exhibitions, performances, workshops and talks.

There will be more than 200 events during this 12-day period, with hundreds of people taking part.

If you would like to attend one of these events, or find out what is happening, visit the COP26 official website.