Glasgow council awards £3000 to men’s shed

More than £3000 will be awarded to Shettleston Men’s Shed, which is looking to make Covid safety adaptations to their premises.

The group, which is a community space for men to connect and talk with each other to try and help reduce loneliness and isolation, was originally looking for £5966 funding from the local area partnership.

During Thursday’s committee meeting, members were asked to approve several funding applications but as it is nearing the end of the current financial year they did not have the budget to approve them all.

Glasgow City Council made £275,000 from the properties.Glasgow City Council made £275,000 from the properties.
Glasgow City Council made £275,000 from the properties.

Other funding bids

Another application was for £1220 for St Paul’s senior citizens who requested £1220 for a trip to Kings Theatre in March. The money would have paid for the bus hire, theatre tickets and dinner.

Councillors decided it would be appropriate to award £770 to St Paul’s senior citizens for their bus and theatre tickets leaving £3078 in the funding pot for the men’s shed.

A council officer said: “We don’t have enough money to give both of these applications. If you take the St Paul’s senior citizen’s one – you may want to fund particular elements of that, for example the bus hire and the theatre tickets.

“It still gets them to the theatre but they would maybe have to use their own funds to pay for the dinner element of it.”

Members agreed to award £770 for the theatre trip and give the rest to the men’s shed.

Chairwoman Laura Doherty said: “I would be minded to approve the £3078 to the Shettleston Men’s Shed and they can choose which work they want to carry out right now.

“They can always come back to us for funding on the other items or ask Shettleston Housing Association to fund some of the project.”