Martin Lewis: money saving expert says debit cards are a ‘danger’ as he issues warning about overdrafts

Martin Lewis warns debit cards are now ‘danger’ cards if your account is overdrawn

Martin Lewis has warned people that debit cards are “danger cards” whilst presenting his money saving show alongside co-host Angellica Bell.

The finance expert, 50, from Manchester, spent the entire 60 minutes of ITV‘s The Martin Lewis Money Show Live speaking about debt and trying to help viewers get out of financial struggle.

He has been fighting tirelessly to help people save money during the cost of living crisis.

Credit cards are bad, debit cards are good…. not true,” Martin warned.

He made the shocking revelation that if you are overdrawn then your “debit card is now a debt card.” This comes as a shock to most people who believe that it is safer to have a debit card than a credit card.

Martin explained that most debit cards have an overdraft with a 40% interest rate, so that would make your debit card a danger card if you are overdrawn.

The founder of the Money Supermarket website explained how to avoid getting into debt, saying: “Now the first thing if you’re overdrawn is to check your eligibility for a 0% overdraft and to what amount.

“People also ask me, can I shift my overdraft onto a 0% card? The answer is yes, but with only a few specialist cards, it’s called a money transfer.

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis shared the tip on The Martin Lewis Money Show Live on ITV.

“With a money transfer card, you apply for a new card and it pays the money into the bank account for you so you can get rid of your overdraft, you now owe the card. It’s best for large overdrafts, you need a decent credit history.”

The most important thing Martin wants you to remember is: “Treat it like every other debt. What do I mean by that? I want you to repay it.”

Key Points:

  • Check Eligibility for 0% overdraft
  • Special ‘Money Transfer’ 0% cards can be used too 
  • Treat it like any other debt

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